FBC Sparta Update Regarding COVID-19

Dear FBC Family, 

After much deliberation and prayer, we have decided to temporarily suspend all “in person” FBC worship gatherings for the next two weeks. After these two weeks, our leadership will reassess the COVID-19 situation to make decisions about future public gatherings. This is not an easy decision, but we do think it is a wise one that can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 to vulnerable populations within the FBC family and in White County. We have been advised by the CDC, White House, Tennessee Baptist Convention, Union Baptist Association, as well as medical professionals from within our congregation, and they all think it wise to suspend our public worship gatherings. So what does this mean for FBC? 

This means our services will be online for at least the next two weeks. We are working on a plan for exactly what that will look like. We do know that we will have music, scripture reading, and a sermon available through Facebook, Youtube, and the media page of our website.

This means that our ministry continues, but it will look different for a time. This does not mean the church is “shutting-down”. The church will never shut down. We continue as a body of believers. We continue with a gospel mission! We simply will not be gathering for corporate worship. At this time our church office will remain open, but no other gatherings will be happening at the FBC facility. We are here to take calls, receive offerings, and will be working to keep communication flowing to our membership.  

This means we need to be proactive in reaching out to those who may be in need. Now is the time to be the hands and feet of Jesus! As the effects of COVID-19 continue to permeate our community, many will be in need within our congregation and in our extended community. We need to practice “social-distancing”, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk to neighbors, or reach out with the gospel. If you see a need, try to meet it in the name of Jesus! And remember, above all else, seek the Lord in prayer. 

One pressing need is for our office to compile a list of senior saints who need our help. We have volunteers willing to go the the grocery store, or pick up prescriptions for those who can’t get out. If you know of FBC folks who could use help, please let our office know. 

We also ask you to continue to pray for Pastor Brad as he receives treatment this week. I you do not follow Brad on social media, please do so if you have the means. He has been posting update videos. These are an excellent source of info as well as a reminder to continue to pray for him and his family. 

In the coming days, we will be passing more and more information your way. Make no mistake, in the midst of these uncertain days, God is at work! We love our FBC family and we are praying for God to use even this crisis for his glory.